About Code Pharma   

Code Pharma has been an established scientific research company with knowledgeable and experienced staff, committed and dedicated in the field of viral infections, AIDS and Cancer research.

We aim to bring to the market a cost-effective treatment based on findings from extensive research to the entire target demographic irrelevant of income or status.

Our ground-breaking research and patent protected findings are the basis of a new era of fighting against infectious and oncological diseases. codepharma

Clinical studies

Codivir is a short synthetic peptide derived from HIV virus that was found in preclinical and clinical examinations to either:

1. Leads to antiviral effect against RNA viruses.

2. Promote HIV-infected cells into self-induced death (apoptosis), and Lentivirus manipulation in the case of cancer therapy.


Our team

Esmira Naftali, PhD

Chief Development Officer

Eynat Finkelshtein, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

All team


Our Partners

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