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Code Pharma is well positioned to play a key role in the current race to develop a cure for COVID-19. Our drug Codivir - which was originally discovered at the Hebrew University in Israel - has a very good safety profile and very impressive antiviral activity, both under laboratory conditions and in our phase I clinical trials.

Clinical studies

Codivir is a short synthetic peptide derived from HIV virus that was found in preclinical and clinical examinations to either:

1. Leads to antiviral effect against RNA viruses.

2. Promote HIV-infected cells into self-induced death (apoptosis), and Lentivirus manipulation in the case of cancer therapy.





Phase one clinical trial

A subsequent phase I clinical trial of Codivir in patients with COVID-19, approved by Brazil’s National Research Ethics Commission (CONEP) and conducted at Vera Cruz Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, demonstrated a high safety profile while significantly suppressing viral replication in most of the fully assessed patients with an antiviral effect noted as early as three days. All patients recovered quickly after the treatment with Codivir and didn’t show any signs of side effects very often associated with COVID-19 infections. 

Following the successful phase I study, the company is now initiating a phase II double-blind controlled study, to be conducted in Spain, Brazil, South Africa, and Israel, with a larger cohort. Code Pharma has already received emergency approvals from several countries and is preparing for mass production of Codivir in different production sites worldwide based on the received orders.

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