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Our Partners

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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Founded in 1918 and officially opened in 1925, is Israel's premier university as well as its leading research institution.


The Hebrew University is ranked internationally among the 100 leading universities in the world and first among Israeli universities.

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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Is committed to providing medical excellence and compassionate care, delivered by the most skilled physicians and medical teams, treating each patient equally, and integrating excellence in clinical care with academia and research for the benefit of Israeli residents and the population worldwide.

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SIRION Biotech

Designs and manufactures viral vectors for cell and gene therapy research and preclinical development. We have active R&D in the areas of AAV and LV vector optimization focused on clinically compliant vector designs, plus upstream and downstream process development for AAV, AV, and Lentivirus manufacture.

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Kaplan Medical Center

Is an excellence center integrating professional quality, innovation and personal, humane and dedicated health care. The Kaplan Medical Center belongs to Clalit and serves a population of about one million residents from Rishon Lezion and Modi'in-Macabim-Reut in the north and to Ashdod and Kiriyat Gat in the south.

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